Swimming pool season is upon us once again, bringing with it a new collection of trending custom pool designs. Seldom are backyard swimming pools confined to the same boring models anymore, and it’s businesses like Rock Custom Pools that have made these new, innovative designs and features possible. But what exactly do we mean by innovation? Here are some of the most popular custom pool designs and features southerners have us implementing in their yards this summer.

Unique Pool Sizes & Shapes

One of the first things to consider when thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard is the ideal shape and size you are looking for. One of the mottos our pool builders live by is “If you can draw it, we can build it,” meaning that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the dimensions of your pool. Whether you want to stick with a small, rectangular pool or go all-out with a large, asymmetrical swimming pool and hot tub duo that accentuates the shape of your patio, we can do it all.

Designing a custom pool with a one-of-a-kind look is a fun way to add unique character and style to your backyard, which is part of the reason why so many people are ditching traditional pools and opting for custom designs. In fact, many Atlanta homeowners approach custom pools as a way of enhancing their existing landscaping and bringing their entire yard together with one stunning centerpiece. Whatever your intention is for a custom pool, there is one thing you can be sure of: it will bring a distinctly unique aesthetic quality and purpose to your backyard.

Hydrotherapy & Saltwater Pools

In addition to creating truly unique sizes and shapes that accentuate an existing landscape, many people are also having us add spa features to their custom pool design. For some, this simply means designing and installing a custom hot tub next to their pool, and for others, this means completely transforming their backyard into a luxury oasis. In fact, many people are turning to pool salt systems as a therapeutic alternative to chlorine, which provides them with a wide array of health benefits.

Studies have shown that saltwater pools offer many hydrotherapeutic benefits, including decreased stress, relaxed muscles, easy breathing, and joint pain relief, as well as stimulated circulation and moisturized skin and hair. Some people even use their custom saltwater pools as an alternative to the gym, as it provides them with a comfortable, private environment to swim and exercise in. These are just a few of the reasons why many homeowners prefer saltwater to chlorine when designing a custom pool, and many current pool owners also come to us for help replacing their chlorinator with a pool salt system.

Pool Lighting Systems

Recent technological advancements have opened the doors for many different kinds of pool lighting, including inground pool lights, color LED pool lights, and floating pool lights. Many Atlanta homeowners have implemented inground LED lights in their custom pool designs as a fun way to disperse colored light throughout their entire pool and evoke a certain feeling, whether that be vibrance or serenity. Floating LED lights are also a popular pool lighting choice, as they put this feeling into motion and can be confined to a specific portion of your pool. Other popular pool lights are those that are paired with water features and strobe or flow with the movement of the water. Whatever the type, pool lighting has the potential to turn an ordinary or custom pool into an evening escape that enhances the beauty and feeling of the space.

Pool Water Features

With the increased popularity of spa-like saltwater pools and relaxing pool lights, an array of therapeutic water features are also making their way into custom pools across Atlanta. Classics like waterfalls and fountains no longer stand alone; they are often integrated with other landscaping features like stone pedestals, poolside flower beds, and decorative bowls to bring the entire yard together. Waterfalls commonly come in threes and fives, adding an elegant and relaxing focal point to the pool. Jets are also common, and many custom pool designers disperse them throughout the sides and bottom of the structure to add movement and warmth to the water. When paired with the appropriate lighting, water features can greatly enhance the excitement or serenity of your custom pool.

Design Your Pool With Rock Custom Pools

Rock Custom Pools is the top custom pool designer in Atlanta and has been serving local homeowners with one-of-a-kind luxury pools for years. We specialize in custom in-ground gunite pools that are made with the finest materials, including strong coping, plaster, tile, and decking, and can implement pool salt systems, lighting, and water features in any custom design. Interested in any of the trending custom pool designs and features we mentioned in this post? Contact us today and we’ll bring your custom pool design to life!