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Top Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Custom Pool With a Salt System

First Off, What is a Salt System?

A trend that is becoming more and more popular in custom pools around the country is adding a salt system that turns your pool from a traditional chlorinated pool into a saltwater pool. What makes a saltwater pool so great is that by using a salt chlorine system, chlorine is produced through a process called electrolysis and so you will no longer need to worry about adding tons of chlorine to your water. While you still need to test your water occasionally and make sure nothing is out of line, having a salt system has lots of great benefits. Here are our top five reasons to upgrade your custom pool with a salt system!

#1 – Save Money on Chemical Costs

Because a salt system constantly creates new chlorine in your pool, you will no longer need to spend tons of money on chlorine every month. While it’s true that adding a salt system may increase the initial cost of your custom pool, it will end up saving you quite a bit of money over time. 

#2 – Less Maintenance

One great thing about adding a salt system to your pool is that the salt cells only produce chlorine as needed and do a much better job of maintaining the chemical levels in your pool. So while it’s still a good idea to check your pool from time to time, the amount of actual maintenance you need to do will go down significantly. 

#3 – No More Stinging Eyes!

When most people hear saltwater pool, they assume they will be getting water that is as salty as the ocean. In reality, the amount of salt in a saltwater pool is much closer to the saline water produced in our tears. You can definitely taste the salt if it gets in your mouth, but it is much softer and easier on your eyes. Because a salt system also cuts down dramatically on the amount of chlorine in your pool, most people find that they can open their eyes underwater in a saltwater pool with very little agitation!

#4 – Much Gentler on Your Skin and Hair

Jumping in a pool full of harsh chemicals everyday can be very hard on your skin and hair. This is why many swimmers find themselves with dry skin and dry, damaged, and sometimes even discolored hair. Studies have even shown that long exposure to high chlorine levels in pools can even lead to long term damage. So do your skin and hair a favor and have Rock Custom Pools install a salt system in your custom pool.

#5 – Feels Like You’re At the Beach!

Our last great perk of having a saltwater pool is that it feels more like you’re at the beach then at a community pool. Say goodbye to that familiar, strong “chlorine” smell and jump into your saltwater paradise! 

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If you’ve never thought about converting your pool to a saltwater pool before, hopefully we’ve got you thinking about it now. If you ever decide to make the switch, be sure to call Rock Custom Pools. We’ve been installing high-quality, custom pools in Georgia for over 40 years so we’ve got the skills and the know-how to give you exactly what you’re looking for.