Welcome back to our blog page here at Rock Custom Pools! As Atlanta’s leading installers of inground pools, Rock understands that adding a pool to your backyard is not only a big investment for you, it’s likely something that you’ve put a lot of thought into. For that reason, we take our job seriously. We don’t install pools here in Conyers unless we can guarantee our work. We do our best to work with you from the start of the process to the day you can finally fill your inground pool with water!

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a backyard oasis that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for years to come. We also know that in a hot, muggy place like Atlanta, adding a beautiful inground pool to your property is going to significantly increase the value of your home. Whether you’d like a custom inground gunite pool, a pool salt system, or pool accessories, Rock Custom Pools is your go-to spot for all things inground pools. Contact us today for a free estimate!

There are so many reasons to love a backyard pool, especially when the backyard pool in question happens to reside in your own backyard. Honestly, what’s not to love? A pool can provide a solution to the unbearable heat and humidity, it can be a fabulous source of free entertainment, it can be a go-to hangout spot for kids and teens, and it can be the ideal party venue. With all of the reasons to love a custom inground pool, what’s stopping you from investing? Let’s continue looking at the many reasons for installing an inground pool in your Conyers backyard.

1. Beat the Heat

In a hot, humid place like Atlanta, inground pool installation just makes sense. Whether you’re in Conyers, Lithonia, or Atlanta proper, you understand just how hot it can get. Summers that reach well above 100 degrees with large percentages of humidity leave us either trapped indoors or searching for a better way to cool off. An inground pool provides the perfect answer to the heat and humidity that plagues this area. Whether you opt for a freshwater inground gunite pool or a saltwater system for your pool, you’ll love the opportunity to stay cool during the summer months.

2. Enjoy Free Entertainment

These days, it seems like nothing is free anymore. Taking your entire family to the movies can easily cost you close to $100 after tickets and concessions. Going out to enjoy a round of mini golf can add up if you want the whole family to be able to play. Additionally, maintaining that country club or city pool membership can end up costing you way more than you ever wanted to pay to stay cool during the summer.

When you have your own backyard paradise with an inground pool, you’ll be able to take advantage of free entertainment for yourself, your family, and even your friends. Chose to have your date night, family fun night, or anything else in the comfort and security of your own inground pool.

3. Keep the Kids Close

Many parents have shared that when their kids reach a certain age, they tend to see them less and less. For some Atlanta parents, the idea of having no idea where their kids are and who they’re hanging out with can be extremely troubling. However, when you have your own backyard pool, you’ll be able to host the kids’ activities. Have everyone over so that you can set the stage for where your child goes and who has access to their social life. If you’d like to have more of a say in what your child does, where they go, and who they interact with, establish that your backyard pool would be an excellent location for their after-school hangouts. Just make sure that you keep a responsible adult who is CPR certified nearby so that you’re keeping pool safety a priority.



4. Host all the Parties

Along the same lines of keeping your kids nearby by setting the tone for allowing your backyard pool to be their hangout, you can also host a number of events at your pool. Whether it’s a graduation party, birthday party, anniversary celebration, or a celebration for something else, your pool creates the perfect party venue every time. No longer do you need to call party venue after party venue to find the right place at the right price for the right number of people. When you have your own custom inground pool in Conyers, you’ll be able to provide the perfect party venue for all kinds of events.

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