At Rock Custom Pools, it’s not hard to guess what we do based on our company name. That’s right — we design and install amazing custom pools to homeowners all over the greater Atlanta area. But while pools are the main focus of our business, it would be a crime to ignore their essential complementary counterpart: hot tubs.

Indeed, what is a good pool without a hot tub to accompany it? Hot tubs are so popular, in fact, that many homeowners want one without the pool entirely. Just as we’re capable of designing amazing and innovative pool designs, we can do the same for hot tubs.

But did you know that hot tubs offer a lot more benefits than just feeling good? There are actually several great things that happen to your body when you soak inside the steamy water. Let’s talk about some of the great things that hot tubs do for you (as well as the potential drawbacks that you should know about).

Hot Tubs Can Reduce Pain

If you’ve ever felt rejuvenated after entering a hot tub, like all your pains just melted away, know this — it’s not just a placebo effect! That’s right, hot tubs are quite effective at alleviating certain pains. While the effect isn’t permanent, a little relief is never a bad thing, right?

Hot water helps your body to relax itself. Pains are often the result of muscle tension and stiffness, but your bodies naturally ease up in the presence of hot water. This helps your body to just run more smoothly for a little bit. If you have any muscle-based pain, a hot tub is very likely to help. But that’s not the only way it can help your pain. Your circulation tends to increase when you’re in a hot tub. This helps to oxygenate your muscles and can reduce inflammation.

Finally, hot tubs help alleviate your pains because they eliminate the stresses of gravity. This is a boon to back pain; by being effectively weightless, your back isn’t struggling to support the weight of your body, and can thus take a moment to relax. Hot tubs have also been shown to be a source of pain relief for people who suffer from arthritis. In controlled studies, it was found that pain relief was improved for people who were consistently indulging in spa use.

Hot Tubs Can Reduce Stress

This one is kind of a given, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Has anybody ever walked out of a hot tub more stressed than they were before? We daresay they have not. Why? Because hot tubs are a magical, mystical source of stress-relief.

Okay, hot tubs aren’t actually magic, but they’re pretty close, and there are specific reasons why our stress levels go down when we use them. First off, there are the aforementioned effects that they have on your blood flow and muscles — when we feel lighter, more relaxed, and weightless, it’s simply easier to forget about our pains and physical stresses. That much is a given.

But it also de-stresses us in other ways. The jet massages can stimulate endorphin releases in our body, which naturally make us feel better and more pain-free. But hot tubs are also speculated to have an effect on balancing our autonomic nervous system. This helps anxiety, and can potentially result in a reduction of stress hormones.

That’s all the scientific stuff — but we can probably also all agree that hot tubs just feel nice. And when you’re spending quality time in a pleasant space that is naturally relaxing, that’s gotta help stress, right? We certainly think so.

Hot Tubs Can Help Your Sleep

Insomniacs, take note. As it turns out, hot tubs can help you get a good night’s sleep. The reasons for this are fairly predictable — the human body rests better when it’s not stressed out. And, as we’ve established in the above points, hot tubs do a pretty good job at melting away your stress.

If you have trouble sleeping, it’s good to immerse yourself in hot water even if it’s not via a hot tub. Sometimes bodily stress is what keeps us awake, even if it’s not the most immediately noticeable factor. It is possible, after all, for our bodies to be stressed even if they don’t feel stressed. But by allowing hot water to improve your blood flow and ease your muscle tension, your body will be much friendlier to the notion of drifting into a nice, deep sleep.

As a side note, we kindly encourage all of our clients to not fall asleep inside the hot tub. That’s what beds are for, folks.

Hot Tubs Enhance Your Workouts

Want a good way to stress out your muscles? Try weightlifting. When you build muscle, it’s because you’re quite literally working the muscle so hard that it essentially rips itself. The healing process, in a nutshell, repairs your muscle and builds it up ever so slightly so it can handle heavier loads in the future. By doing this over and over, you can build muscle mass all over your body.

Of course, looking at weightlifting from that perspective, it’s easy to see why your muscles could use some relief after a good workout. There are a lot of solutions for this, and there’s an entire market for post-workout products which help your body to facilitate healthy muscle growth.

But one of the best things you can do is just hop into a hot spa. Because the hot water eases and relaxes your muscles, it allows the recovery process to work more smoothly. Hot tubs have also been known to cause subtle weight loss effects over consistent use — so if shedding pounds is a goal of your workouts, well, a hot tub certainly won’t hurt.

Hot Tubs Can Provide a Social Experience

One problem that we’re facing more and more with each passing day is the invasive influence of technology in our lives. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and many classically social activities have been greatly diminished due to the presence of technology.

Hot tubs, however, are largely immune to those wily smartphones. That majority of phones on the market are no match for water, so anyone who cares even a little bit about their phone usually isn’t tapping away at it when they’re soaking in hot water. You know what this means? Bonding. Good, old-fashioned bonding.

But seriously, whether you’re on your phones or not, it’s pretty nice getting to spend quality time with the people you love. Hot tubs are a great place to wind down and shoot the breeze. If you’ve been seeking some bonding time, give hot tubs a try!

The Potential Problems With Hot Tubs

Now, as much as we love hot tubs, it’s important to be informed about the pros and the cons. And the truth is that hot tubs aren’t for everyone. First of all, an unkempt, dirty hot tub can be a cesspool for nasty bacteria. It’s often hard to tell a dirty hot tub from a clean one, because it’s ultimately just a big bowl of water, and you’re often using it in the dark. But make no mistake, hot tubs can be nasty.

So, if you’re a hot tub owner, regular maintenance is a must, and if we build a custom hot tub for you, we can give you the detailed layout of how best to take care of it. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds!

But aside from uncleanliness, there are a few other things to keep in mind. If you have circulatory problems, it’s best to consult with your doctor about using hot tubs. While the increase in blood flow is totally okay for most people, there are certain individuals for whom it would have the opposite effect.

You also want to watch out for heat-related problems. Your body can only take so much heat at once. If it’s weakened by age (such as being really old or really young, i.e. an infant), hot tubs can be overwhelming. Pregnant women are also generally advised to stay away from hot tubs. If you start feeling woozy in a hot tub, that’s not normal — get out ASAP so you don’t risk heat exhaustion.

Custom Hot Tubs in Atlanta

Need a custom pool or hot tub for your Conyers home? We can help. We’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions about hot tubs. All you have to do is ask! We will not only design the hot tub according to your unique specifications, we will also build it and lay down the groundwork which will make maintenance a breeze. Ready to get started? Contact us today.