If you’ve spent time swimming in a chlorine pool, you likely ended the day with dry skin, irritated eyes, and chlorine-damaged hair.  A major benefit of a saltwater pool is that it is softer on your skin and hair, and does not agitate your eyes like a chlorine pool does. The salinity of a saltwater pool is close to the salinity in your eyes, which means opening your eyes underwater is no longer a problem. Another plus is that a saltwater pool is less likely to cause irritation to people with sensitive skin or people who are allergic to chlorine pools.

With a chlorinated pool, you have to constantly test your pool water for its chemical levels. With a saltwater pool system, once your salt level is in the proper range, the system takes care of those chemical levels for you. The rare times you would need to add salt to your pool would either be due to evaporation or excessive rain. With the affordability of salt, you not only lose the hassle of timely pool maintenance, but you also save on the high cost of chemicals.

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