Pool Opening Services

Each and every pool is different, therefore Rock Custom Pools aims to fulfill your individual pool needs. The ideal time to open your Conyers pool is as soon as the weather starts warming to prevent the growth of algae, this is usually around March. We will work with you to ensure that your pool is ready for swimming as soon as possible. Our pool opening service usually includes the following:

  • If you have a security cover or any other cover, we will remove the cover and put it into storage.
  • Our professionals inspect your equipment and check that it is up-to-date and working properly, we will advise you of any repairs that need to be done.
  • We check the plumbing of your pool for any visual damage and check that the water level of your pool is where it needs to be.
  • Your pool electrical system will be checked for normal functionality.
  • We will start up your pool so that it will begin to self-clean.
  • Your pool chemicals will be tested. If you do not have the necessary chemicals, we will supply them to you.
  • Now you’re on your way to your first pool party of the year!

Rock Custom Pools has been in the custom inground pool industry for many years and will take care to put you on your way to happy pool days!

Pool Closing Services

Properly closing your pool in the winter may save you a lot of time and money when you reopen it in the spring. We recommend that you close your pool as soon as the weather starts to cool to ensure that it is well protected from possible freeze damage. In the Atlanta area, closing your pool is a big step in maintaining its life since it will be dormant all winter long. Our pool closing services usually include the following:

  • Rock Custom Pools will winterize your equipment, ensuring there is no water in the equipment (pool pump, pool heater, and pool filter) that may cause freeze damage.
  • If you have a security or safety cover, we will install it for you. If any pool ladders, handrails or other pool accessories need to be removed, we will do so. We will drain your pool to below the tile level to avoid freeze damage to your pool tile line.
  • We will add the necessary chemicals to your Conyers swimming pool to ensure that it stays protected and as clean as possible during the winter months,

Contact Rock Custom Pools for our swimming pool opening and closing services today!