Loganville may not be the site of any amazing historical events that we’ll remember for centuries to come, but sometimes, the quietest towns are the best ones. At Rock Custom Pools, we’ve taken many trips to service Loganville homeowners who want to build an amazing custom pool. Every time we visit the town, it’s a lovely experience. The people are unabashedly friendly, and we always enjoy spending some time in the beautiful parks before we head out. 

But there is one thing that Loganville has in common with everywhere else in Georgia — it’s hot, hot, hot! If you want to create an amazing outdoor area in your yard that you can cool off with during the hot months, you’ll want a custom pool. We can help.

Our Custom Pool Services

  • Custom Pool Design and Construction: Every single pool we build is unique, because it’s built according to the unique specifications of each and every homeowner. Whether you want a simple rectangular pool, or a highly ambitious one with weird shapes, spas galore, and a sweet waterslide, we’ve got you covered.


  • Pool Salt Systems: If you already own a pool, perhaps you’re getting a little tired of the excessive chlorine that’s needed to keep it clean. We can help you switch your pool into a salt system. This is cleaner, easier to maintain, and it won’t burn your eyes out every time you swim!


  • Pool Safety and Security Covers: Pool covers aren’t something you can just walk into a store and buy off the shelves. This is especially true for custom pools. If you want your yearly pool maintenance to be greatly mitigated, you can’t go without a security cover. We can provide one that’s designed specifically for your pool.


  • Pool Opening and Closing Services: Opening and closing your pool can be a drag. You just want to get to the fun part! We can’t blame you, and that’s why we’ll do the job for you. 

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Are you ready to get started with your new custom-designed pool? We’d be happy to make a trip to Loganville to chart out a plan. Contact us today for a free consultation!