custom pool workout

In this day and age, raising children presents new challenges that are unprecedented to future generations. Namely, kids face the prospect of screen addiction more than ever before. While screen addiction isn’t exactly new, with generations as far back as the Baby Boomers being raised on TV, the rise of online gaming, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous internet access has brought the problem to a new level.

While spending time on screens isn’t inherently wrong, it’s good to have balance in all things, and as a parent, you’re probably looking for ways to get your kids outdoors. As it turns out, a custom pool can be great for this! Here are some features on your custom pool that could help to pull your kids away from screens for a little bit.

A Custom Slide

For a kid, even a simple water slide can be all the difference between a great pool and a boring one. Because when you have a slide, it’s not just a slide — it’s something that can be climbed up and down, it’s a platform you can jump off of (just make sure you’re being safe), and it opens up all kinds of options for pool games. Your kids are much more likely to hang out in the pool if there’s an enticing slide!

Volleyball Nets or Hoops

Pool games can be tremendously fun, and by equipping your pool with a net or basketball hoops, you’re providing a pretty fun recreational activity for your kid and their friends. Instead of spending all day inside playing the hottest new battle royale video game, maybe, just maybe, they’ll have a blast playing with a ball in a nice refreshing pool.

A Diving Board

While a well-built slide can sometimes function as a poor man’s diving board, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Custom pools with diving boards require a little more depth than normal pools, so it’s definitely a more ambitious option, but it’s not impossible. Diving boards open up an infinite number of possibilities for pool-time fun, and you can bet your kids will love finding new ways to jump off of them. Whether you’re trying to perfect your diving technique, do the coolest poses in midair, or create the biggest splash, there’s always something to do when you have a diving board available.

A Hot Tub

It’s not uncommon for kids to prefer a nice pool to a hot tub. But for teenagers? It might be the perfect thing. Granted, if your teenagers start to bring certain types of friends over all the time for hot tubbing, you might be facing a whole different set of parenting challenges, but as a whole, hot tubbing can be an entirely innocuous activity, which can even be enjoyed solo after a stressful day.

Custom Pools in Conyers and Surrounding Areas

With springtime here and summer fast approaching, it’s time to consider your options for a backyard pool! At Rock Custom Pools, we offer amazing pool building services to the people of Conyers and the surrounding regions. We love seeing the creative ways that people use their pools and we’ve seen how they can be a great way to get children and teenagers outside. Ready to order your own custom pool? Contact us today!