If you’re here on our blog, reading posts about custom pools, there’s a good chance that you’re considering getting one for your Atlanta home or property. Congratulations! Having a pool in your backyard can be a wonderful investment that pays for itself many times over in the recreational value it provides in the long-term.

However, it’s possible that there are things holding you back. In fact, many potential pool buyers end up backing off because certain myths and misconceptions end up changing their mind. While you are the master of your own decisions, it’s important to not let incorrect data influence your decisions, and that’s why it pays to know about the common myths of owning a pool!

Here are some misconceptions about pool ownership that every Atlanta homeowner should be aware of:

Myth: It’s Not Worth Having a Pool in Atlanta Because of Cold Winters

If you’re considering Rock Custom Pools as your pool design company, then you’re probably in the greater Atlanta area. And if you’re in the Atlanta area, you no doubt understand how punishing our winters can be, and how outdoor pools are generally closed throughout the cold months.

For many homeowners, this is a hard “no” for pool ownership, because in their minds, they only get to enjoy their pool for half the year. While you do have to close up, what’s the big deal? Once you start experiencing that hot, sweltering Georgia heat, you’ll realize real fast that you should have chosen to have your pool built in time for summer.

Having a closed pool isn’t all bad. It saves you the energy expenses that are associated with keeping your pool on, as well as the maintenance. Think of it as a long break — and when the season is right, you can enjoy it in full!

Myth: Backyard Pools Have Boring Designs

Let’s face the truth — some pools are just more exciting than others. Some pools are uninspired rectangles with zero unique features, surrounded by subpar accessories like cheap tanning chairs and no shade. Meanwhile, some pools have fun shapes, waterfalls, beautiful decoration, and a surrounding recreational area that’s naturally inviting.

Which pool would you rather spend time in?

Unfortunately, countless people are convinced that the second one isn’t an option for their home. They are convinced that backyard pools are just budget versions of “real” pools that have no interesting features. Boring!

That, however, couldn’t be further from reality. At Rock Custom Pools, we’ve designed all kinds of amazing residential pools that would make a luxury hotel jealous. You can have a unique shape, custom features like waterfalls, slides, hot tubs, and more. Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out examples of our work!

Myth: Pools Aren’t Worth the Constant Maintenance

One of the biggest boogeymen of pool ownership is the prospect of the money and time that you’ll drain into pool upkeep. Unfortunately, the majority of this fear isn’t founded on any kind of substantial data — it’s just kind of an assumption that people make which makes the prospect of pool ownership more intimidating than it actually is.

Consider a car or a lawn. Both of these require consistent maintenance, which in of itself, isn’t too difficult. Changing a car’s oil, for example, is a trivial activity which requires little more than $40 and a trip to a local auto center. But when you let issues stack up, repairs and maintenance end up swamping you.

It’s helpful to think of a pool in the same way. Did you know that routine pool maintenance actually requires less work than routine lawn care? By putting in 30 minutes a week to clean your pool, a relatively easy task, you’ll have little need to do much else. Furthermore, there’s always the option of hiring a professional. Yes, pool work can be quite exhaustive if you let it build up, but if you’re a responsible owner, it’s nothing to worry about.

Myth: Getting a Pool Will Wreck My Yard For Months

If you’ve heard somebody who couldn’t functionally use their yard because the pool company spent an outrageously long time building it, they probably didn’t hire the right people. At Rock Custom Pools, we put your needs first to ensure that the construction and installation process respects your time. We like to complete our projects as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Due to the extremely varying nature of custom pools, it’s impossible to say how long a job takes on average, but we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and time estimate if you contact us! We like to familiarize ourselves with your specific needs and circumstances so that we can prepare a custom solution that works for you.

Custom Pools in Atlanta

Now that you know the truth behind some of these outrageous pool myths, it’s time to take the next step! If you’re a homeowner in the greater Atlanta area, there’s no better time to order a custom pool than now. If you act quickly, you could have it up and running just in time for the hot months! You’ll love having a cool refreshing spot to dip in during our hot Georgia summers. Want a free estimate for the custom pool of your dreams? Contact us today!