Pool Salt Water Conversion

While our bread and butter is creating new pools, many Conyers homeowners already have a pool in their yard. However, they might be tired of a chemical chlorine system. At Rock Custom Pools, we can convert your chlorine pool to a salt system. This is becoming an increasingly more popular service — salt systems have a variety of benefits such as reduced chemical costs, less maintenance, and being healthier for the skin. If your Conyers home needs a saltwater system, we’ll gladly help!

Custom Pool Covers

Winterization is hardly one of the more fun parts of owning a pool, but it’s necessary for anyone who lives in Conyers. Georgia winters are cold enough to warrant a closing, and this whole process is so much easier when you have a reliable pool cover.

If you’ve ordered a custom pool through us, we’ll talk to you about the possibility of also providing a custom cover. Meanwhile, if you already own a pool, we can provide you with a custom cover if you’re in need of one.

Pool Opening and Closing Services

Speaking of winterization, it’s not exactly an easy process. Whether you’re closing down your pool for the season or opening it back up, it’s a lot of work, and a lot of things can go wrong if you’re not paying attention to every last detail. We offer pool opening and closing services so that you don’t have to strain yourself getting your pool in working order. After our work is said and done, you’ll be able to jump into your freshly prepared pool, or sit in peace in your cozy home as the cold weather starts to take over.