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While we serve a wide amount of areas in Metro Atlanta, there’s no town that’s closer to our heart than Conyers. Conyers is where our business is based, and to the Rasmussen family, it’s home. We want to provide our inground custom pool services to as many people as possible, but when we get the pleasure of serving one of our fellow Conyers neighbors, the job is even more satisfying.

Conyers is more of a humble little town than a bustling metropolis, but it nonetheless has a rich history. Atlanta natives might know that Conyers began as a simple post on the railroad across Georgia. They might know that Conyers has almost burnt down several times in its history, only to rise out of the ashes even stronger. Maybe they know that it was a wild, rambunctious town during the late 1800s, or that it’s produced several famous actors and athletes, such as Dakota Fanning and Jesse Baker. Truly, Conyers is a unique, special town!

Though, as lovely as Conyers is, there’s one thing that it has in common with just about every other town in Georgia — its homes can greatly benefit from unique, custom pools. At Rock Custom Pools, we’re here to help!

Our Custom Pool Services

Custom Inground Gunite Pools

The service for which we’re most known for is designing and building custom inground pools for our many Georgia clients. If you want to have a unique pool for your Conyers home, it’s not as easy as just digging a pit and filling it with water. There are a thousand things that need to be done to bring a pool concept from design to completion, and with 40 years of experience, we’re ready to tackle the job.

When you’re designing a custom pool, you have a lot of options. Here are some of the many components that can be covered if you work with Rock Custom Pools:

  • Design
  • Spas/Hot Tubs
  • Coping
  • Plaster
  • Lighting Systems
  • Tiling
  • Decking
  • Water Features

Curious to see the work we’ve done for Conyers homeowners? Be sure to check out our gallery!

Pool Salt Water Conversion

While our bread and butter is creating new pools, many Conyers homeowners already have a pool in their yard. However, they might be tired of a chemical chlorine system. At Rock Custom Pools, we can convert your chlorine pool to a salt system. This is becoming an increasingly more popular service — salt systems have a variety of benefits such as reduced chemical costs, less maintenance, and being healthier for the skin. If your Conyers home needs a saltwater system, we’ll gladly help!

Custom Pool Covers

Winterization is hardly one of the more fun parts of owning a pool, but it’s necessary for anyone who lives in Conyers. Georgia winters are cold enough to warrant a closing, and this whole process is so much easier when you have a reliable pool cover.

If you’ve ordered a custom pool through us, we’ll talk to you about the possibility of also providing a custom cover. Meanwhile, if you already own a pool, we can provide you with a custom cover if you’re in need of one.

Pool Opening and Closing Services

Speaking of winterization, it’s not exactly an easy process. Whether you’re closing down your pool for the season or opening it back up, it’s a lot of work, and a lot of things can go wrong if you’re not paying attention to every last detail. We offer pool opening and closing services so that you don’t have to strain yourself getting your pool in working order. After our work is said and done, you’ll be able to jump into your freshly prepared pool, or sit in peace in your cozy home as the cold weather starts to take over.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Whether you want a brand new pool with all the fanciest features and gizmos you could possibly imagine, or you’re just looking for a new pool cover, we can assist with all your pool-related needs. Being located in Conyers ourselves, we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away. We’ll consult with you and form a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today!