It’s amazing how quickly some custom features can elevate a backyard pool from “eh” to “must-have.” The truth is, many people don’t want a generic pool in their backyard because the maintenance costs and upkeep is too much to justify the amount that they’d actually use it. However, custom pools that have been uniquely tailored to their owners see much more use. With the right planning, design, and cool features, a boring pool can transform into a valuable source of relaxation and happiness.

That’s why Rock Custom Pools creates custom pool designs for our clients in Conyers and Greater Atlanta. Here are some of the awesome features you can get if you hire our team to design and build your pool:

Custom Rock Walls

Most pools don’t deviate from the tried-and-true “pit in the ground” design. And, admittedly, that’s still the philosophy we use for most of our pools. However, sometimes you just need something that’s different and bold, and if that describes you, you’ll love a pool design that utilizes custom rock walls. This adds a unique visual flair to your pool and your yard in general, and it’s especially useful for yards that have steep hills or varying elevation.

Relaxation Areas

Yes, just about every pool in the world has relaxation areas nearby, typically in the form of tanning chairs. But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about relaxation areas in the pool. We’re talking about a shallow space that you can relax in, if you want to soak in some water without completely immersing yourself. Whether you want to put your tanning chairs in the shallow section for a more immersive experience, or lounge in the water without them, there is a lot you can do with a custom shallow section to make your pool more peaceful.

Fire Bowls

The key to having a memorable pool is ambiance and design, and if you want something that’s memorable and unique, it’s hard to do better than fire bowls — fire is a brilliant way to naturally light your pool area, and it can go a long way to making an outdoor space feel memorable, inviting, and cozy.

Unique Shapes

The problem with most neighborhood pools is that they’re all predictable — rectangular or semi-oval shapes that have a gradually declining depth. Do you want something truly unique for your yard? Well, if you can draw it, we can make it. If you want a star shaped pool, a pool in the shape of your initials, or a pool that has a “walk-in” ramp instead of stairs, the choice is yours. It’s your custom pool, after all!


One of our favorite pool designs actually involves two pools — a multi-tier system that has two pools on different levels, often connected by a waterfall. Do you have a house that’s on an incline with a walkout basement? This kind of custom pool could be perfect for you — it allows you to have a pool on both levels. Perfect if you want some separation between kids and adults, or if you have some kind of slide that can connect them. You’re only limited by your own creativity!

Overhead Shade Area

This is something you definitely won’t find in a stock pool, but you might be surprised at how much you love it when it’s there. An overhead shade area can be a boon for any pool — it’s a nice place to get refuge from the hot sun while still being in the water, and kids love playing around in these spaces, especially when there’s a waterfall dividing the enclosed space from the rest of the pool.

Adjacent Hot Tub

What good is a pool without a hot tub? Unfortunately, most home pools don’t have included hot tubs, and we think that’s just a crime — especially in the Atlanta area, where your pool isn’t going to be functional year around. We think having a hot tub near the pool is completely necessary, and we’ll help that to be a reality if you order a custom pool through us.

Custom Pools in Conyers

Ultimately, when it comes to any pool, you’re basically doing the same thing — swimming around. That’s why the biggest distinction between boring pools and memorable ones is the quality of design and unique custom features. Anyone can have a boring old rectangle pool, but you’re not likely to forget a pool that has beautiful design, waterfalls, rocky walls, and more. Are you seeking an amazing custom pool for your home in Conyers, GA? Contact us today!