1. How to Make Your Custom Pool Spooky This Halloween

    Summer has officially ended, and that means October is upon us. And who can think of October without thinking of Halloween, pumpkins, and spooky scary skeletons? We know we’re thinking about it at Rock Custom Pools, and as custom pool designers, we love thinking about all the ways that homeowners could take advantage of their pool to add some extra spooky ambiance to their homes. Of course, in G…Read More

  2. Cool Features You Can Only Get With a Custom Pool

    It’s amazing how quickly some custom features can elevate a backyard pool from “eh” to “must-have.” The truth is, many people don’t want a generic pool in their backyard because the maintenance costs and upkeep is too much to justify the amount that they’d actually use it. However, custom pools that have been uniquely tailored to their owners see much more use. With the right plannin…Read More

  3. The Top Reasons Why You Need a Backyard Pool

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Rock Custom Pools! As Atlanta’s leading installers of inground pools, Rock understands that adding a pool to your backyard is not only a big investment for you, it’s likely something that you’ve put a lot of thought into. For that reason, we take our job seriously. We don’t install pools here in Conyers unless we can guarantee our work. We do our best …Read More

  4. Trending Custom Pool Designs In Atlanta

    Swimming pool season is upon us once again, bringing with it a new collection of trending custom pool designs. Seldom are backyard swimming pools confined to the same boring models anymore, and it’s businesses like Rock Custom Pools that have made these new, innovative designs and features possible. But what exactly do we mean by innovation? Here are some of the most popular custom pool designs …Read More

  5. Why Your Atlanta Yard Needs A Custom In-Ground Gunite Pool

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