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It’s not uncommon for people to pursue ambitious custom projects in their home to create a dedicated workout space. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the space in their home to accommodate a private gym — even a small one — and depending on location and membership costs, going to a paid gym can be prohibitive.

But did you know that a custom pool can be an amazing resource for personal fitness? Indeed, there are countless ways to work your body in the water, and many benefits of doing so. At Rock Custom Pools, we install pools to everyone in the Conyers are and surrounding regions, and many people have ordered pools with personal fitness in mind.

Here are some reasons why pools are amazing for fitness enthusiasts:

It’s Easy On Your Body

Swimming is a de-facto low impact workout, which means that it’s not putting stress on your body. Low-impact workouts are the gold standard of fitness exercises because they don’t involve jumping or running, which cause gravity to work hard on your body, putting pressure on your joints. In water, you’re effectively weightless. It’s great for your bones, joints, and back. But the best part of swimming is that it can be high-intensity and low-impact. Most low-impact exercises aren’t very intense, so they don’t allow you to burn as many calories. Not true with swimming! Swimming can be one of the most heart-pumping cardio workouts on the menu.

It’s a Well-Rounded Workout

When people think of swimming, they think of it as a strictly cardio exercise. But this isn’t entirely true — while swimming is primarily based around active and tiring movement like most other cardio workouts, it also has a lot of natural resistance. Even though you’re mostly weightless in water, you still have to push and pull yourself through it. Doing this builds your muscles more effectively than in other cardio workouts, and it also provides a more well-rounded full-body workout.

It’s Therapeutic

Studies have shown how therapeutic water can be, and this is a major boon when it comes to working out. Physical fitness is a sum of many parts, and contrary to what many people think, it’s not just the calories you’re burning or the muscles you’re building — having a healthy and happy brain can actually facilitate health in the body. Humans tend to feel naturally at peace when they’re closer to water — it’s no coincidence that when people think of “luxury vacation,” the first image that comes to mind is a beachside cabana. Water not only has calming effects on the mind, but it’s also physically therapeutic. Many people, particularly elderly citizens, use water as a means of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

It Can Mix Well With Other Workouts

Triathlons have been one of the biggest staples of competitive fitness for decades now, and they just so happen to mix swimming with other physical activities. There’s a reason for this — by combining traditional fitness exercises with swimming, you can create a very intense and well-rounded workout. One of the trends in the fitness world now is the development of “cross fitness” where you perform intense full-body workouts over a short period, rather than targeted workouts that are longer.

Swimming is great for this kind of training — jumping into the pool and lifting yourself out engages your muscles and adds some plyometrics, while swimming throws cardio into the mix and has the added benefit of hydrating you. With your own custom pool, you have the option of creating creative and engaging cross workouts.

It Hydrates You

We don’t need to explain how pools hydrate your body — hydration is kind of a given when you literally throw yourself into water. But from a fitness standpoint, this can be a boon to your exercise routine. For your body to maintain energetic activity, it needs to be hydrated, and this typically happens with sweat. The harder you work, the more you sweat, which cools you down even if it feels icky and gross.

But in a pool, you’re always wet, all the time, and you don’t feel the fatigues of a body that has heated up from exhaustion. Many people say they feel like they can work out longer and harder in a pool, and this is in no small part due to the constant hydration that you’re blessed with.

Custom Pool Services in Conyers

You don’t need a big fancy gym in your home. Consider a workout pool instead! Rock Custom Pools can build you a pool to your exact tastes. This can function as a fitness resource, while also giving you the other great benefits of a backyard pool. Do you want a pool for your Conyers home? We’d love to help. Contact us today!