Installing a custom pool for your Conyers home can be a big decision. It’s not something that you can easily undo, and it will come with its fair share of maintenance and upkeep. But for many people, swimming pools are more than a fancy yard decoration. Many people spend countless hours in their pool, whether it’s an adult using it to work out, or children who are making summer memories.

Indeed, swimming pools are pretty cool, and many people come to form a great appreciation for them once they have their own. But one thing that can also help people appreciate pools is by learning all the cool facts about swimming and pools. Want to know some fun trivia about these things? You’ve come to the right place.

The Largest Backyard Pool on Record is in Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that rings true for backyard swimming pools. While there are plenty of swimming pools that eclipse the size of this Texas homeowner’s backyard pool, those are commercially owned.

This behemoth of a custom pool has got it all — shallow beach-like relaxation areas, a massive lazy river, shady cabanas, luxurious palm trees, multiple hot tubs, spouting fountains, and thrilling slides.

While we’ve never taken on a project of this scale at Rock Custom Pools, this enormous backyard pool just goes to show that you’re only limited by your imagination. Want to see the pool yourself? Click here for pictures!

The Titanic Was the First Ocean Liner to Have a Swimming Pool

If you’re like 95% of the population, almost everything you know about the Titanic comes from the movie Titanic. And that’s not a bad thing — director James Cameron is very passionate about the sunken ocean liner and his team did exhaustive research to mimic the ship as closely as possible in every single shot.

It’s curious, then, that the movie never included one of the most impressive parts of the Titanic — its swimming pool! Swimming pools have become a symbol of luxury and recreation, but they weren’t nearly as common back in the early 20th century. That the Titanic was the first liner to include one speaks a lot towards how ambitious the ship truly was.

Nowadays, cruise lines have gargantuan pools, often equipped with twisting slides that are 30+ feet high. We’ve come a long way!

20% of Americans Don’t Know How to Swim

Statistically, if you took ten random people from the street, there’s a chance that two of them don’t actually know how to swim. Indeed, according to a report by the American Red Cross, it was concluded that only 80% of the population knows how to swim. But If you break it down further, the results are even more interesting.

Red Cross took five basic swimming skills into account, and concluded that only 56% of the population can perform all of those skills. These are pretty simple tasks — being able to tread water, go in over your head, turn around in a circle, swim 25 yards, and exit the water. While 80% of people can swim on a basic level, many of these people can’t perform those basic tasks.

So, pat yourself on the back! If you’re planning on getting a custom pool built in your home, it probably means that you know how to swim or you’re planning to learn. Swimming is an invaluable skill and we commend anyone who has aspirations to improve.

Benjamin Franklin Invented Swimming Fins… Sort Of

While America’s favorite renaissance man is mainly remembered for his contributions to the American Revolution and the “discovery” of electricity, Benjamin Franklin was an inventor all his life — even as early as 11 years old!

That’s right — when Benjamin Franklin was just a wee lad, he invented swimming fins, but not quite the ones we use today. His fins attached to his hands, not feet, but he was certainly moving in the right direction. As it turns out, Franklin was quite the swimmer as a child, and it’s a hobby that he engaged in his whole life.

You Sweat a Lot In the Pool

Sweating is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it keeps us cool and it’s singlehandedly the reason why humans in peak shape can out-endure most animals. But it’s also really annoying, isn’t it? While it’s great knowing that you’re burning calories, nothing screams “I want to take a shower ASAP” more than beady sweat rolling down your face and turning your clothes damp.

A lot of people resort to swimming as their go-to workout method because it doesn’t feel as tiring. Well, it turns out that it is — you just don’t notice. Just like with any other physical activity, you sweat in the pool. But obviously, it’s much harder to notice since you’re already drenched in water.

You Can Get a Sweet Custom Pool

Finally, one of the best facts about pools is that you can have an amazing one built in your very own backyard. At Rock Custom Pools, we install custom pools for homeowners in Conyers and the surrounding areas. Are you ready for the ultimate backyard renovation? Contact us today to get started!